How To Clear Clipboard On Android? [2021 Latest]

If you are related to the IT field or a student, you must be aware of the copy and paste features present in computers or smartphones. Android is the best option if you are looking for a smartphone with a simple interface. Android phones are the most used device that almost every person holds. These are popular because of their easy-to-use interface. Android phones have a number of features and a clipboard is one of them. It is a built-in option present in every android phone that saves the content you copy. This content can be text, image, link, etc.

The oldest entry in the clipboard history gets removed as the new entry gets added. Hence the clipboard will contain the latest entry. Android users can clear the clipboard content easily with some clicks. Some people find it difficult to clear the clipboard. If you also do not know how to clear clipboard on phone and seek an answer to the question of how to clear clipboard android. Before getting into it, let us understand what Clipboard is on an Android phone.

What Is A Clipboard In Android Phones?

A clipboard is a tool in which all the copied information gets saved. Any text that you copy gets stored temporarily in the clipboard that you can paste it using the paste option. The text or image that you copy on the clipboard on your Android device is stored in RAM. The clipboard is not accessible on stock android phones and is present in the clipboard history in a file in /data/clipboard directory in Samsung phones. However, the file is not accessible in the Samsung phone until the phone is rooted. Clipboard Manager App is present in most android phones to access the clipboard history. 

Ways With Steps To Clear Clipboard Android:

There are different methods that you can use to clear the clipboard on your Android device. Below are some of the methods that you can try.

Method 1: Clear clipboard on stock Android

This method is applicable for a smartphone with stock Android.

Step 1: Open any app, which allows you to copy contents to the clipboard

Step 2: Long press on any word and select the content by dragging the slider

Step 3: Select the copy option

By following the above steps the previously copied content gets clear from the clipboard.

Method 2: Clear clipboard on other Android Phones

This method is applicable for Samsung and other smartphones.

Step 1: Open any app on your Android phone

Step 2: Long press on the text on the app and select Clipboard from the options displayed.

Step3: The copied content on the clipboard will get listed. Click the Menu icon present on the right side of the text area

Step 4: Click the Delete option present at the bottom and Delete all the content on Clipboard

Step 5: Select the Delete option from the pop-up and clear the unselected clipboard content

Method 3: Clear android clipboard using the Phone Settings

This is one of the easiest methods that answers your questions about how to clear clipboard on android

Step 1: Open the application management menu from the settings in your Android phone

Step 2: Select any application that stores the copied text

Step 3: Open the info option for the selected application

Step 4: Click on Erase button where the cash option is present 

This method not only deletes the pasted text but also trashed files

Method 4: Android clear clipboard using clipboard clearer app

This method explains the installation of clipboard clearer apps and using that app to clear the clipboard. Such third-party apps store all the copied data and users can anytime access or remove them.

Step 1: Open the application stores and type the clipboard clearer apps

Step 2: Apps will get listed in the search result. Some of the apps are Copy Bubble, Clipstack, etc

Step 3: Select any from the search result and install it. Using that app, you can access and clear the clipboard

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Where can I find the clipboard on my Android phone?

A: To access the clipboard on your Android phone, open any app allowing the selection and copying of text. Select the text and tap on the Clipboard option. It will open the Clipboard content on your Android phone.

Q2: Where to find the things that get saved in my clipboard?

A: Locate the clipboard icon in the toolbar. It will open the clipboard where you can find the items you have recently copied. It is present in the data/Clipboard directory in the Android phone.

Q3: how to remove links you copied on android?

A: This article explains a few methods to clear android clipboard. You can use any of them and remove not only the link but image, text or anything you have copied.

Q4: Can I clear the clipboard content on Google?

A: Yes, you can clear the clipboard content on Google. To do so, click on the three dots present in the upper right part of the entry. Click on the Delete option and entry will get removed. To delete all the entries, click on Clear all instead of using the Delete option for any specific entry.


To conclude, a clipboard is one of the essential things present on Android phones. It is because it saves the copied content and allows users to paste them later as required. But it doesn’t matter if the content remains there once copied. The content gets replaced as and when the user copies any other content. Also, the content gets saved in the history files, and one can remove them. This article explained different methods to remove clear clipboard android. Also, you can read the FAQs and clear all your doubts regarding how to clear the clipboard on android.

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