How To Delete Backup Files In Windows 10? [2021 Latest]

How To Delete Backup Files In Windows 10

We have seen and used various Windows versions. With each version, new features have been added to the operating system to make things easy for us. We save a lot of things on our computers, such as music, documents, images, movies, and many other files. Windows 10 takes back up all these files and stores … Read more

How To Fix DNS Server Unavailable? [2021 Latest]

how to fix dns server unavailable

You might have seen your DNS server might be unavailable     message on your PC and always wondered why is my DNS server unavailable. To understand this, first, check out what DNS (Domain Name System) is. DNS translates the website name to IP address for information retrieval and shows it on the screen. It is … Read more

How To Clear Clipboard On Android? [2021 Latest]

how to clear clipboard on android

If you are related to the IT field or a student, you must be aware of the copy and paste features present in computers or smartphones. Android is the best option if you are looking for a smartphone with a simple interface. Android phones are the most used device that almost every person holds. These … Read more

How to Remove Activate Windows Watermark? [2021 Latest]

how to remove activate windows watermark

Windows watermarks are the pattern or image that appears on all the Windows screens. Users may feel annoyed with the appearance of the Windows watermark, especially when it appears on video games, movies, etc. The activated Windows watermark appears on the top of anything you open on your computer, including screenshots, live streaming, and video … Read more

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile? [Latest 2021]

who viewed my facebook profile

Facebook has always prevented the users see who views your Facebook profile. Earlier, Facebook did not allow people to see who viewed their profile, but now Facebook has provided this feature for iOS and Desktop users. Privacy has always been a concern on social media. Thus, users want to know who has seen their content on their … Read more

How To Add Apps To Startup In Windows 10 [Latest]

add program to startup windows 10

Do you have to open a list of applications on your computer first thing when you log in? Are you bored of opening the same applications daily after logging in and want something to automate this process? No more worries as Windows already offers this feature. Windows contains a Startup folder that makes the launch … Read more